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New Year, New Roses

by Mary Alice Pike Posted January 18, 2024

As a leading provider of high-quality roses, we are excited to announce the new additions to our collection in 2024. These roses have been carefully selected and bred to offer exceptional beauty, fragrance, and disease resistance. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these new roses are sure to enhance the beauty of your garden. Read on to discover the stunning varieties we are offering this year.


1. Sierra LadySierra Lady Rose

2. Red Masterpiece

3. Romantica Ball Gown

4. Golden OpportunityClimbing Golden Celebration rose

5. PowerPuff PinkPowerPuff Pink

6. Orange Glow Knock Out

Orange Glow Knock Out

7. Easy Bee-zy Knock OutEasy Bee-zy Knock Out

These are just a few of the stunning roses we are offering in 2024. Scroll our website or visit your local Witherspoon garden shop to explore our full collection and start planning your dream rose garden today.

by Linda Fowler Posted February 06, 2024

Lovely new roses
Witherspoon Rose Culture replied:
Thank you!

by Steven R Severance Posted February 06, 2024

I am looking for Own Root Rose’s 🌹🌹🌹 Varieties.
Can You Please Help Me Out?
Sincerely 🤠 Mr Severance,
“The Cake 🍰🎂🥳🎉 Man”&
“Xerocsapeing Master Gardener”.
Witherspoon Rose Culture replied:
Have you checked out one of our other blog’s with a list of our own root roses?

by Nancy Nail Posted February 06, 2024

I especially like the Romantica Ball Gown and Powr Puff Pink ! Their condensed petals are gorgeous !!!!
Witherspoon Rose Culture replied:
Aren’t they! 😍


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