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The Essence of Flowers

by Witherspoon Rose Culture Posted April 24, 2024

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Flowers are the only things in God’s creation that hold their value solely in their beauty and the joy they bring to us. Vegetables offer nutrition. Trees offer shelter. Animals have provided transportation. Insects are necessary for pollination. What about flowers? What usefulness do we find in flowers? We can eat them, though we seldom do. They are of little use as a building product. Flowers are of no use for transportation. No, the value of a flower, especially a breath-taking rose, is its beauty and fragrance. The real essence of a rose is found in the joy it brings to us. This has been true since the beginning of time.

So what of “ the essence of flowers”? Probably everyone has received flowers from someone: maybe a carnation at your dance recital, or roses from a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. You probably carried flowers on your wedding day; or found comfort in flowers when a loved one passed away. And one day you may receive a wild flower from your own little girl or boy. What a joy!

So what will you do when you receive roses?

1. Realize their value and their true essence and accept them with joy!

2. Put them in water right away. They will not look very joyful in an hour, if you don’t! Roses have columns in the stems that transport the water to the bloom. It’s best to make a fresh cut and put them directly in water. Hot or cold water? Just fresh water. Should you use an aspirin in the water, a few drops of Clorox or a floral preservative? Sure! These products reduce bacteria in the water so they’ re helpful. Re-cutting the stems after a couple of days and replacing the water again is also very helpful.

3.Then, set the roses in a cool place to enjoy them.

What if it’s a corsage or bridal bouquet and you really want to preserve it? Well, you can preserve it in silica sand, simply by pouring a layer of silica sand in the bottom of a large cookie tin. Gently lay the flowers in and gingerly pour the sand down into the flowers, covering them completely and sealing the container. If you keep them for three to five days, the flowers will dry and maintain their shape. For bouquets, look for a company that freeze-dries for you. This will preserve them even better with great form and color.

Now what about your own garden – one day? If you only have room for one pot of flowers, don’t live without your own flowers! Plant according to directions. If the plant variety does best in sun, don’t plant it in the shade. But don’t obsess! There will always be a bug, or a weed to distract you, but refocus! Enjoy your flowers!

When you’re arranging your flowers, especially a beautiful bouquet of roses, don’t be too critical of the flowers or your talent in arranging them. Keep in mind color, balance and proportion. But, regardless of the imperfection of the arrangement, each flower will play its role. It will be beautiful!

Finally, indulge yourself in the luxury of sharing your flowers with someone else! For a birthday, for a housewarming, for a thank you, for a “just because”, share your flowers. Then you’ll have gone full circle in experiencing the true “essence of flowers”.


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by Carolyn Ulrich Posted April 26, 2024

I am looking for the rugosa Moje Hammarberg. I grew it in Chicago and it was wonderful. Now I’m in Durham and can’t find it anywhere. If you ever have it, I will buy it
Witherspoon Rose Culture replied:
Aw, I’m so sorry! We don’t have it this year, but we have carried it in the past. We do have Hansa this season, which is similar.


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